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"...deep understanding is, I believe, the most precious
gift one can give to another." ~ Carl Rogers

organisational therapy

The purpose of organisational therapy is to improve the well-being of an organisation.

The organisational therapist is not concerned with the effectiveness of the organisation per se, nor productivity nor bottom-line results. Rather, these desirables follow obliquely as a natural consequence of the increased good health and well-being of the organisation as a whole.

Yes, organisations consist of people, but there's also the often-overlooked organisational psyche. Effective organisational therapy requires the therapist to understand individual and collective psyches both.

the nine principles of organisational therapy

The following are the nine principles that we work to:

  1. Risk Awareness
  2. Do No Harm
  3. Organisations Have a Collective Psyche that Responds to Therapies
  4. Mutual Benefits
  5. Trust
  6. Well-being First
  7. Work in the White Space
  8. Cognitive Harmony
  9. Evidence-Based

You can find these principles explained at my blog (along with a whole passle of stuff about organisational therapy).

In summary, then, organisational therapy offers a powerful prospect of improving the well-being of an organisation, as well as the well-being of the people, groups and other organisations who come into contact with it.

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