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“Opinions are made to be changed -
or how is truth to be got at?” – Lord Byron

opinions on organisational therapy

“Do not fear to be eccentric in opinion, for every opinion now accepted was once eccentric.” – Bertrand Russell

white papers

The Marshall Model of Organisational Evolution
- how mindset is the key to improved effectiveness in knowledge-work organisations

The Rightshifting Hypothesis: The prevailing mindset of an organisation comprehensively determines how effective it is, and moreover, how effective it can hope to become. This paper presents a model of the different mindsets an organisation must adopt at various points on its Rightshifting journey.

All Executives Are Unethical
- the moral case for rightshifting

Are all executives unethical? Bob Marshall argues that, absent objective evidence, it’s simply unethical for executives to believe that product and software development in their organisations is reasonably effective.

The Javelin Approach
- Risk-based Agile development

Initially born out of a pressing need to improve the success rate of software development projects, nowadays Javelin and its related variants have proven their worth across a broad spectrum of project types, from CMMI level 5 software development projects through consulting engagements, BPR and Enterprise Engineering projects, to weddings(!) and more.

Selected Blog Posts

The State of Agile - The Rightshifting Perspective
- the rightshifting view on how and why Agile adoptions succeed or fail

Has Agile software development reached a tipping-point, or does is now sit balanced upon the edge of a knife? This blog post explores the dynamics of Agile adoption and explains the roots of Agile adoption success and failure.


Just How Good Are You At Development?
- a Falling Blossoms Questionnaire

Just how good are you - as an organisation – at developing software-intensive products and services? This questionnaire has forty (40) simple questions which explore just how good your development organisation really is. Mark the answers yourself or send your answers to Bob Marshall for a free, no-obligation assessement of your development capabilities.


The Righshifting Landscape
- Root causes of Management Inaction

A Current Reality Tree using a Theory of Constraints technique for analysing root causes of complex problems.

recommended articles

The Neuroscience of Leadership
- David Rock and Jeffrey Schwartz

Recent advances in Neuroscience shed light on what's really happening in the brain when people are faced with change. This article consider organisational transformation in this new light, and provides some insights into how to use this new knowledge to make transformation efforts more successful.

Watch out for the Tool Heads
- John Seddon

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Billed as "Everything you need to know about lean manufacturing tools and why they won’t work in service organisations", hugely informative (and entertaining) in itself, but also by (extension) an explanation of why lean manufacturing techniques won't work in software and product development organisations, either. Also a comprehensive critique of the pitfalls of hiring Six Sigma and other "tool head" consultants who just parrot received wisdom rather than understand lean fundamentals themselves.

Transformational leadership: a US military perspective
- Colonel Mark A. Homrig

In the military, effective leadership is often a matter of life and death. Colonel Mark Homrig, USAF, conducts an in-depth investigation of the theory and background of transformational leadership.

Become a More Effective Leader by Asking One Tough Question
- Marshall Goldsmith (Harvard Business Review)

Marshall Goldsmith examines the fundamental question to which so many well-intentioned would-be leaders search for an answer.

A Business Case For Better Software Practices
- Steve McConnell

Excerpted as a chapter from his book "After the Gold Rush", this paper started the whole Rightshifting movement and describes how and why some form of systematic improvement in software and product development effectiveness pays major dividend in terms of both tangible (bottom-line) and intangible returns on investment.

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