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Uniquely in the field of organisational therapy services, we offer every client a 100% value-for-money guarantee on everything we do.

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"As far as we can discern, the sole purpose of human existence
is to kindle a light of meaning in the darkness of mere being." ~ Carl Jung

every business needs a therapist

How's the health of your organisation?

Organisational health is moving centre-stage in the eternal quest for competitive advantage.

What initiatives do you have in play to maintain the health of your organisation? And to take it to the next level?

At Falling Blossoms we specialise in organisational health, and in particular, as organisational psychotherapists, in the psychological health and well-being of the organisation.

Our unique approach delivers the following benefits:

  • Increased positive emotion for everyone in the organisation
  • Connection with the organisation's higher purpose
  • Engagement in and commitment to the work
  • Positive relationships and a more social workplace
  • Self-belief and a growing sense of accomplishment
  • Culture Management and controlled culture change
  • Improved life skills and shared personal growth

The purpose of the organisational therapist is to improve the well-being of the organisation. As Martin Seligman observes:

"An absence of poor health is not the same as good health." ~ Prof. Martin Seligman

are you leaving the health of your organisation to chance?

Can an organisation afford to leave something as important as organisational health to chance? Hope fondly that it will just happen? Expect it to take place as a byproduct of other actions? Appoint a “health czar” or some other single wringable neck?


If organisations wish to see improved health and well-being, and the collective change of thinking that often accompanies it, therapy offers the effective means to making that happen.

Every business, every organisation, needs a therapist.

our services

We deliver the following services to our clients:

So whether you already understand the power of organisational health and would like help in making it better, or whether you're simply intrigued by the potential of the idea and want to learn more, call Bob Marshall now on +44 (0)1474 707420.